Cutting Fluids & Oils

Cooling lubricants – water-soluble

Our water-soluble cooling lubricants – with or without amine, depending on the requirements – have been especially developed to meet the needs of mechanical processing for materials from non-ferrous metals and aluminium to high-alloy steel.

Protected against contamination by microorganisms, these cooling lubricants with a stable pH are available with or without mineral oil content depending on the area of application. Subject to compliance with the recommended concentrations, they are guaranteed to be skin-friendly and odour-neutral in addition to protecting machines, tools and work pieces against corrosion. Foaming, leak oil absorption and cobalt inhibition can be reduced with corresponding additives.

Our products are tailored to meet all processing requirements. Special products to meet customer-specific needs can be provided. The comprehensive selection of water-soluble cooling lubricants is environmentally friendly thanks to straightforward disposal. If workplace contamination cannot be avoided due to the application, it is nevertheless reduced to a minimum.

Cooling lubricants – not water-soluble

Our cooling lubricants that are not water-soluble – reliable high-performance cutting oils for long-term use – are suitable for normal to heavy-duty chipping and for grinding hard metals under high pressure.

Area of application

The area of application covers all common processes such as automated turning, deep hole boring, reaming, grinding and milling.

With a few exceptions for technical reasons, the processing media recommended by us in this field are free of chlorine and zinc. They meet all environmental and workplace requirements thanks to additives that minimise oil mist formation and prevent smoking.

The product line includes cutting oils to cover the full range of reduced and minimum lubrication applications.