Machine Stamping Oils

Our selection of stamping and forming oils includes media for all common pressing, drawing and cutting processes and covers the full range of materials from non-ferrous metals to aluminium to high-alloy steel. Most of these products are chlorine-free and, with the corresponding additives, meet all your requirements – from precision blanking of sheet metal for electronics to heavy-duty cold forming of complex pipe systems.

The especially developed forming oils, with or without solvents, make a significant contribution towards improving work piece quality and extending the lifespan of tooling. In most cases, a thin film of oil is sufficient in order to achieve a high unit output with excellent surface quality.

The line of mould release agents for metal pressure die casting is tailored to meet the high requirements of the production process.

Media on a hydrocarbon basis are suitable for processing various pressure casting materials (zinc, aluminium, magnesium) and offer a highly active release effect with minimum consumption. Effective lubrication increases the lifespan of pressure casting moulds and mechanisms.

The production of special grades that are precisely tailored to meet specific requirements is just as much part of our services as regular maintenance.