Economy, politics and society all intensify their focus on the sustainable development and the social responsibility. This means that companies have to deal with the topic of the social responsibility and adjust their business strategy and corporate mission accordingly. The trend is towards attaching great importance to a sustainable management in the areas supplier selection and evaluation. The appreciation of investors and holders towards the company as well as the companies’ relations to other organizations, customers and their employees are also at the forefront. Here companies have to act in order to remain competitive and generate advantages.

Irrespective of the DIN ISO 26000 Hermann Bantleon GmbH has been supporting social interest and needs for years. This commitment is part of the Bantleon corporate policy. General manager Heribert Großmann: “We are gearing to the so-called magic triangle of sustainability in as many business environments as possible. Even if we have been aspiring towards a sustainable strategic orientation long before the publication of the new DIN ISO 26000, we want to integrate these in our existing management system in order to strengthen the consistency of all business processes. This is also an additional message for our employees and business partners. We don’t only want to demonstrate social responsibility, but we also want to report actively on it. The bare intention is good, but the action is decisive.”