The specialist technologies used in our product range

The Bantleon range incorporates an extensive range of innovative technologies and specialist ingredients to ensure they are at the cutting edge of technology in the industry.


As a global manufacturer of high-grade lubricants, Bantleon are continuously working to research and develop the next range of quality automotive products to exceed manufacturer specifications.


Bantleon surface technology includes a comprehensive selection of highly effective cleaning agents. Special additives result in cleaners that are tailor-made for various materials, cleaning equipment, and processes.

Industrial & Commercial

Bantleon have developed a range of high quality lubricants and oils for both metal cutting and forming industries. Our lubricant products yield consistent results when working with non-ferrous metals to aluminium to high-alloy steel.


Bantleon offers comprehensive corrosion protection technology to cover nearly all areas of application for the temporary protection of parts, assemblies and machines – for internal processes as well as storage and shipping.


Bantleon have developed both liquid and dry preservation products to cater for our clients ever demanding needs. The effectiveness of our surface corrosion protection products can be tailored from a few days up to several years.

Special Products

Bantleon have developed an extensive range of speciality products. Our industrial grade transmission and special single and multi-purpose hydraulic oils are available come in a wide range of viscosities to suit every application.

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